June 2022 News

Author: Horizon Music Group |

I never would have imagined that in years 32 making music there at Horizon I would be looking t the most exciting year in our history. But we are

To bring you all up to date I am tracking 6 releases that either have dropped, or will be dropping shortly. I expect all of them to appear on some of the national charts….pretty unheard of for a small operation like Horizon…..but somehow it all seems to be working. The rundown…

There has been a lot of notice for Patti Panzerino….a/k/a Pidgie’s “Just Breathe” project. For the few you who are in the dark about this brave and talented soul, Pidgin is severely disabled and confined to a wheelchair. That said she has managed a great collection of songs and with the helped the Horizon A team put together an exceptional album. With Dave Avery’ piloting the radio campaign, and Rick Eberle delivering reviews, ‘Just Breathe”came out swinging, hitting the AMA Arericana chartist week 2. If you haven’t heard any of it please seek it out….if you can support by purchasing something it would help a focused and worthy artist.

I met Ed Danials several years ago when he asked me to produce a collection of songs he had written. We cherry picked players and singers on a per dong basis, and had a very successful project run. Moving to 2021, Ed approached me with a great, socially conscious song “Running Out of Tomorrows” He asked me to pull out all the stops to maker a killer record, and make sure it got heard. So I enlisted bud Mall Ostreicher to co produce, along with the usual suspects: Hall of Fame drummer Bobby T Torello, Grammy winner Scott Spray, venerable guitarist Al Ferrante, Charlie Karp alumni Ron Rifkin. Bill Holloman and Nashville’s Dave Eggar on strings. With a crushing track in hand, some of my favorite singers, Heather Joseph, Ricky Alan Draughn, Suzanne Vick signed on. And the fabulous Kevin Monroe and Devotion took it to church with their background singing. We put together a full length with some of Ed’s great tunes….watch for the release shortly. Safe Klien of the Namedroppers added a video to his growing list of credits, released next week. Avery and Eberly will handle promotion.

A new EP from Carole Sylvan and the Namedroppers is next on deck. Four great songs, two by Namedroppers leader Rake Klein, one from Nashville song written of the year Mark Alan Springer and his transplanted from Arkansas for Fairlfield bud Andy McLish, AND a remake of my bud Sly Stone’s “You Can Make It If You Try”. Also featured o the EP are the aforementioned Al Ferrante and Bill Holloman, and Horizon newcomers the Uptown Horns, Christian Cioe, Arno Hecht, Larry Etkin and Bob Funk. Catch Carole’s Crushing show in New York of Connecticut!!

Following 2020’s number 1 Relix Jam band charting CD “Walk With Me” , the new as yet unnamed Creamery station CD should hit early summer. More cool granola fueled fueled tunes from a great band who with be expanding their national tour base to promote the new record. The current single is “Story To Tell” to be followed by the infectious “Mahalo Tree”. Heading west in June, and appearing at the Powdrer Ridge Mountain Music series in August, these guys will be above fide national act by the end of the year.

And lets leave a few things for the next news report, a new Namedroppers CD for the fall, Tweed Sugars alt rock debut, Jennifer Hill’s piano based singer songwriter collection, Marc Ferrari’s powerful song collection, and new Mighty Soul Driver’s CD featuring Bob Orsi from the legendary…if idol say so myself, Scratch Band). I am also working with Jeff Pitchell on a new lease, his first since the top 10 Billboard Heavy Hitter an few years back.

AND….as if that wasn’t enough, keep an eye out for the room to be announced Dream Collective arts development platform……film at 11:00.

See ya next time,