March 2020 Horizon Music Group News

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The last three months have been busy at Horizon Recording and HMG artists.

Watch for the launch of a new Horizonmusicgroup website!

Charlie Karp’s Back To You cd on Red Parlor Records creeps up to 22 on the Roots Music Report’s blue rock chart. Still moving up after 10 weeks. Karp’s former band The Namedroppers just released their self titled CD produced by Vic Steffens through The Orchard. The record features several Karp songs.

Multiplatinum producer Brandon Alek Zander Hodge came home from Atlanta to track drums with Billy Powell on a new gospel project. Brandon has worked with a Who’s Who of the R and B world.

Horizon Recording has been super busy with Vic Steffens and associate Rick Demko producing multiple projects. Vic has finished a new Shame Penguin EP for spring release on HMG, and is mixing jam band Creamery Station’s new full length for release at festival season,. New Haven rock staples FICTION continue to track their initial full length, as does singer songwriter Hawkins French.

Rick Demko is in the middle of Magnets For Maniac CD. Rick also tracked New haven’s Cardboard Dreamhouse for his Neurotronix imprint..

Horizon is happy to announce partnering with Rick Demko’s Neurotronix label for booking and promotion an various HMG artists.