Studio Gear

Studio A Gear:

  • Preamps

    Focusrite Blue Stereo Pre/EQ 1990 vintage)
    Universal Audio 2610 Tube pre EQ
    API 4 Channel 312 Pre
    Chameleon Labs 7602 Eq/Pre (2 channels)
    Sytek 4 Channel Pre
    Trident audio 2 channel Pre
    Avalon 737 tube channel strip
    APB Dynasonic 8 Channel Pre

  • Equalizers

    Land PEQ2 Passive EQ (!960s vintage Pultec Style) (2 channels)
    CLM Labs DB5002 Expounder Dymanic EG (@ Channels)


    DBX 165
    Urei LA4 (2 channels) Bruce Siefried mod.
    LA Audio Stereo Classic compressor
    Manley Mu
    Klark Technic KT2A

  • Mics (shared with studio B)

    AKG C12VR Tube condensers (2)
    Neumann 127
    Coles 4038 Ribbons (2)
    Beyer 160 ribbons (2)
    Royer 121
    Groove Tube Model1B Tube condenser
    Groove Tube Model 1 Tube condenser
    Groove tube TC55 LDC (2)
    Shure KSM32 LDC
    TCM LDC multipattern (2)
    AKG C460 (2)
    Shure KSM 141
    Sennheisser 441 supercardiod (2)
    Sennheisser 421 (4)
    Sennheisser 604e (3)
    Audix i5
    EV shotgun
    EV 408

  • Recorders

    Protools 10HD 32 io, Waves Mercury Bundle and many 3rd Party Plugs

    Studer A80 24 Track. Enquire, on request only.

    Yamaha 2R96 console (Mostly for monitoring)

    The Studio A tracking room has a nice PA for rehearsal of materisal


    Hammond 1949 CV with added Percussion, 145 Leslie
    Trek Pedal to interface with guitars or synths
    Fender Rhodes 73 Suitcase (Stereo speakers)
    Wurlitzer 200a
    Korg P1200 weighed piano
    Yamaha Motif 6 Synth
    Gibson Country Western Acoustic (1965)
    Fender Squire Jazz Bass
    Fender Squire Telecaster
    Ibenez Strat type.

  • Studio B Gear:

    ProTools !0 with many plugs
    Avalon 737 Channel Strip

    Shares mics with Studio A

    Mark of the Unicorn Midi timepiece
    TC Electronis Delay

    Midiman 88 Key Cnroller

    Good Vittual Instrument selection

  • Amps

    Fender Super Reverb
    Vox AC15
    Randall 4 x 12
    Marshall 50 watt clone. by Michael Whitney
    Ampeg B15
    Hartke LH1000 Bass amp withallien Krueger Ultralite 4 x 10